Carlsbad Boutique Owner Spreads Kindness

Carlsbad Boutique Owner Spreads Kindness

From time to time, everyone needs a little boost or pick-me up, especially during the pandemic. A boutique owner in Carlsbad is trying to do just that, as she is changing lives through fashion and what she calls retail therapy.

Her name is Meghan Scholl, and she has been around the fashion business since she was 3-years-old.

"If you are having a bad day, it's easy to put on that pretty dress to give you that uplifting moment."

Meghan decided to call her boutique Retail Therapy, and for good reason. That is what she needed ten years ago when her dad passed away.

"I would go into the fitting room and try on ridiculous stuff, and it would break that emotion of depression into laughter or feeling beautiful. Any kind of emotion other than the sadness."

Retail Therapy was the answer for Meghan, and now she is paying it forward to others that might be going through tough emotional times. As she is offering styling appointments with no obligation to pay.

"My stylist team will pick out 4 to 5 outfits," says Scholl. "We will get you dressed up and then the option to take you around the village and take photos."

Cyreeta Jewel is one of Meghan's clients, and loves the feeling of dressing and feeling special.

"I just feel empowered and pretty, and all of that fun stuff."

Meghan says it's about creating a safe space for her clients, and to give them a safe space where they can take a break from real life for just a minute. But the photo shoots are just one apart of the experience, as every pose and click of the camera also helps small business in the Carlsbad community.

"We hashtag all the salons or the restaurants, and everything that is around us to build that community atmosphere."

Nastasha McKeon is the owner of Choice Juicery in Carlsbad, and she says the relationship with Retail Therapy has been a big help during the pandemic.

"Doing things like this to bring other businesses in, and highlight local business to support one another. They tag us and we tag them back, and it creates this symbiotic relationship."

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