Shop Local: Retail Therapy

Shop Local: Retail Therapy


CARLSBAD, Calif. — Hold up---how many outfit changes can you spot in this segment?! Winner gets my utmost respect.

Today, I'm taking you to one of my favorite boutiques, which prides itself in styling services for all shapes and sizes.

Because let's face it, sometimes you need a little therapy--RETAIL THERAPY.

Meghan Scholl owns Retail Therapy Boutique in Carlsbad. In fact, she's worked for more than 20-years with one goal in open her own boutique. 

She opened Retail Therapy in the summer of 2014 in the downtown Village of Carlsbad and is proud to offer styles for all shapes and sizes.

Meghan says her collection is inspired by the idea that color is a powerful way to radiate optimism and positivity. And as we all know, any form of optimism these days is greatly appreciated.

Meghan has quite the eye for fashion. In fact, for this segment, she picked out several outfits for me, before even meeting in person (full disclosure: I ended up buying one of the outfits because I loved it so much) She even picked out a dress for my photographer, Rachel. We had such a blast with her custom styling session, we didn't want to leave.

And that's what you'll get if you visit Meghan, too. She'll even take you out into the village and snap your picture in your new outfit in front of local businesses so you can see just how fabulous you look!

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